Eat Green And Stay Lean

go green2Living healthy can be a challenge in today’s world where changing lifestyle, sedentary work, unavoidable work stress and unhealthy eating habits is resulting in plethora of diseases. But, one can still stay healthy and fit by making some changes in the diet. We all know that healthy eating can lead to healthy lifestyle and the best way to achieve this is by including green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Extensive research work and studies have shown that eating green results in many healthy benefits for body and mind. The best part about green veggies is that you can eat it raw in salad, boil, saute, steam or bake it according to your choice. Moreover, they can be grown in different climatic conditions and remain readily available around the year.

Eating clean and fresh green help you to fight with bad fat, reduce cholesterol, improve the immune system, protect the heart etc. The nutrition’s, vitamins and minerals present in greens can even help you to fight against fatal diseases like cancer and heart attack. It keeps you healthy and active thereby giving you lean and smart look. It is one of the best ways of achieving weight loss and balancing the sugar level. Consumption of green vegetables and fruits can get you glowing skin and hence enhance your beauty. You look young and energetic.

The benefits of greens are immense and covering them all in one article is simply not possible. So if you want to stay ahead in this era of survival of the fittest, then go green.

Natural Hair Treatments

Back in the 18th century scientists believed the most important organ in the body was the heart. To an extent, they had good reason. The heart’s pumping mechanism works relentlessly 24 hours, 7 days a weeks, 365 days in a year. However further research and studies revealed the importance of the brain. The head is the focal center that drives the rest of the body. Taking care of the inside as well outside of the cranium is imperative.

Hair plays both biological and cosmetic roles in our lives. As an outer layer, it provides insulation against the sun, and helps regulate temperature. It helps define individuals on the cultural and social context. It is comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Just like any other part of our body, hair can get damaged if proper care is not taken. Health care tips recommend tending to your hair as often as you do to your skin. Hair defects are brought on by both natural and artificial agents. Some of the agents include, genetic medical conditions, dry or hot climate, exposures to the UV (ultra violet) rays of the sun, dehydration, excessive use of blow dryers, chlorinated water, excessive use of certain shampoos and soaps. An underactive parathyroid can also contribute to damaged hair.

Having a bad hair day is just another page in the book of everyday unpleasant problems people face on an average basis. Instead of racing to barber shop and getting it all shaven off, here are some natural hair treatments that will work for you.


Packed with rich fats, proteins, bacteria-consuming enzymes and oils, eggs have been used for years as natural hair treatments. Eggs have zinc, phosphorus, sulphur and iodine which all work together promotes hair growth. The yellow yolk acts like a moisturizer, getting deep in the follicles of dry hair. It conditions the hair and is great for the scalp. For best results mix two eggs with some oil and apply it direct on your hair. Wait for at least an hour before you rinse. Eggs are very versatile and you can mix them with a variety of oils such as coconut and olive oil. If you have oily hair, white yolk is recommended for best results. Lemon and olive oil will help reduce flakes, making your scalp less itchy and well moisturized.


Just like eggs, avocados have essential vitamins, minerals and excess fatty acids that are essential for hair treatments. It is a naturally moisturizer which helps manage repair of damaged hair. Avocado helps to retain the smoothness and bounce of hair. It provides dry hair with essential oils that keep it nourished and healthy. Application is quite simple really. Get 3 or 4 big avocados and gently reduce them to a pulp. Apply the pulverized mixture with some olive oil or coconut oil to your hair and leave it for 40 minutes. Rinse and leave the hair dry naturally.

Olive oil

Popularly used in spas and massage parlors, olive oil is an effective hair treatment remedy. Rich in essential fats, antioxidants and hormones, olive oil promotes hair development. It smoothens out the hair and restores the bounce. The oil acts as a moisturizer and prevents hair breakage and loss. Dry hair is treated with olive oil.
The versatility of olive oil makes it easy to use. You can apply it as a shampoo treatment as well as mix it with eggs, lavender extract. Otherwise you can incorporate it daily into the diet, consuming its great health benefits for the body. Olive oil is mentioned severally in blogs providing health care tips.

Onion Extract

Most often health care tips show that the inexpensive home remedies are the ones that work best. Onions contain copious amounts of sulphur. This helps in damaged and falling hair by rejuvenating the collagens production. In essence your hair grows faster and stronger.
Just like cooking, chop a couple of red onions up and extract the liquid. Apply on your hair for half an hour and rinse,

Apple Cider Vinegar

As a natural body cleanser, Apple Cider Vinegar is best used for treating dry hair as well reducing itchiness of the scalp. It has a great capability of maintaining the optimum PH levels of the hair. Apple cider vinegar acts like a natural shampoo. First make sure you wash your hair thoroughly. Apply it to your hair as a shampoo and rinse after 30 minutes.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk

Aside from being delicious bites while at the vacation spot, coconuts are great for hair. Coconut milk is rich in iron, potassium, proteins and essential oils. It effectively works as a remedy for dry hair. It strengthens hair and breaks breakages. For best results rinse the milk in a bowl. Apply it on your scalp and leave it for a couple of hours and rinse.
Coconut oil is rich in potassium and proteins. The oil is essential for the scalp and reducing dandruff. Just coconut milk, coconut oil prevents breakages promoting growth of healthy and supple hair. It is also a great moisturizer and works great with the hair shaft from the root.


Honey is a natural occurring sugar which has been around for centuries. It has benefited humans and aside from the occasional sting, it has enormous hair treatment remedies. Coupled with olive oil, honey provides nourishing for the scalp. Apply it on your hair after through washing, preferably in the evening and cover your head with a shower cap. Leave it till morning then rinse.

Castor Oil

Well known as a hair growth enhancer, castor oil is great for hair treatment. Having a sticky nature, castor oil works well by getting to the hair roots. It nourishes and moisturizes hair as well as the scalp, getting rid of dandruff. Castor oil is popular with balding men; it gets rid of those hairless patches and helps to stimulate growth of hair. For best results massage it into hair with your fingers and let it settle for an about an hour. Rinse and shampoo your hair. Application of Castor oil once a week would be enough if you have dry or balding hair. For normal hair, once a month is recommended.

Total HealthCare Blogs

Over the past few decades healthcare has evolved greatly. There has been influx of innovations which provides unique groundbreaking solutions to everyday ailments. Technology has changed the way people are diagnosed, treated as well as preventive measures are undertaken. Information from web sources has provided patients alternative opinions which were not possible in the past.

HealthCare in most countries is provided by a multi-faceted network of public and private entities. Governments have an obligation to meet the needs of their citizens’ HealthCare issues. Governments are primarily responsible for handling support systems with legal, coordination, and funding and regulation policies.

The delivery of total HealthCare lies quintessentially in the hands trained professionals who converge in various interdisciplinary teams. They include doctors, nurses, health practitioners, health workers and other support personnel.

The private sector also shares the responsibilities of catering for the Total HealthCare needs of the population. When it comes to healthcare there is no exception for quality. Nothing is as important as taking care of your health. Enough emphasis is put on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.
Total HealthCare transcends the normal inpatient and outpatient services provided by most hospitals. It extends to rehabilitation, curative and preventive care services. Total healthcare Blogs provide information which cuts across government and private entities. These blogs provide a breath of fresh air in the medical world.

Information on various illnesses whether physical or physiological is aggregated by experienced experts who offer guidance advice on various platforms. You can virtually get a lot of facts, data and diagnosis charts spanning decades. Obstetrics, chiropractic, physiotherapy, nursing, allied health, obstetrics, psychology and general medicine information is only a click away. The total healthcare blogosphere provides independent medical information.

Here are some of the Total Health Care Blogs that provide articles, tutorials, interviews, publications, journals and research material:

The HealthCare Blog

Often described as the independent voice in healthcare, this blog provides critically acclaimed medical publications and insights to high profile interviews. Authored by Mathew Holt, it provides rare stories which are not common in the mainstream media. The HealthCare Blog provides insights through articles on technological breakthroughs. In fact the Wall street Journal described the blog as “among the most widely read insider publications in the field.” The blog has a forum where readers can post questions and engage with the team of administrators as well as other readers.

Watkins Total HealthCare

Quarter of a century in a particular field is ample time to develop into an expert with unmatched skills. Watkins Total HealthCare has the best state-of-the-art facilities and medical center for patients. The center takes care for all ages newborns to seniors. The professionals and support staff provide insight on ways to improve the quality of life. The blog is specialized in chiropractic and medical care.


Authored by Dr. Ed Pullen, a board certified family physician, the blog provides a fresh outlook on general outpatient care. The blog is very interactive and provides the physicians viewpoint on a range of medical news. Dr. Pullen provides interesting and helpful information for readers. Topics range from cardiology, choice of prescriptions to best facilities to access healthcare. Dr, Pullen hopes to” be a tiny of reason among the screaming celebrities and corporate sales voices giving medical advice.”

Health Affairs Blog

Health affairs blog provides feature posts from HealthCare providers and experts from a wide variety of perspectives. The blog has been cited numerous tomes in The New York Times, Forbes, even by the United States Congress. The blog is run by professional staff who review the posts submitted for authenticity, timeliness, relevance and constructive commentary.
Get all tutorials, articles, advices and reflections on total HealthCare. This blog is administrated by a team led by Ian Miller. With over 20 years experience working in the Emergency department in a hospital in Canberra, Australia, the blog is a rich source of total healthcare material. As a registered nurse Ian Miller has educated and informed visitors and subscribers of his blog. The material is also formatted in a read-friendly manner. It is quite easy for a reader to get lost in the middle of a plain 300 page report scripted in a very plain boring format.

The Wellness Warrior

Started by Jessica Ainscough who was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as epitheloid sarcoma on her arm. She went against doctor’s advice to have her arm amputated; she battled the cancer and eventually emerged victorious. Her blog provides insight on holistic health and wellness topics. There are a plethora of interviews, blog posts, checklists and inspiring stories for readers. She a unique approach which is a scenario that doctors may not exactly have all the answers. Her extensive research on wellness has inspired readers. Her courage has made her blog one of the few insightful blogs without a convectional medical background. Her blog has hundreds of thousands of readers who log in daily.

Health Commentary

Providing dynamic, scientific and humanistic information on total HealthCare, Health Commentary is a fantastic blog. Founded as part of the non-profit organization of the Rocking Chair Project. The blog gives a voice to the voiceless by providing a diverse forum for discussion of HealthCare systems and practices. It doubles up as a great educational resource for students providing information on emerging HealthCare issues.

HealthCare Plan Innovation Blog

Written by a 25 year healthcare expert M.D, Trussell, the blog is a great forum for total HealthCare topics. The blog provides innovative and creative ideas on how to access affordable and quality total healthcare alternatives for the public. The blog focuses on consumer-driven healthcare and the convergence of both HealthCare and financial services.

Effect Measure

Effect measure provides independent healthcare information with impeccable articles and publications. The blog provides an essential public forum for health information and information. It is a great total HealthCare blog whose editors are senior public health scientists and practitioners. The blog was inspired by Paul Revere who was a member of the first local Board of Heath in the United States in 1799.

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Rose hip Oil Benefits

A bright, shiny smile gives a positive feel for an individual. It is exudes confidence, self-esteem providing a great conversation starter. Beautiful healthy skin is an essential part of a beautiful smile. Your skin, is your largest organ and many people tend to disregard it.

Rose hip Oil

Derived from a specified the seeds of specified rose, Rosa moschata, Rose hip oil is an amazing natural oil. It has a natural healing and rejuvenating properties for skin, hair and nails. Rose hip oil has been around for centuries. Its usage has been traced back to the Andean Indians of Chile, with a variety of health and beauty purposes. The oil is formed through cold-press extraction, which separates the oil from the seeds. The oil is very delicate and must be put under dark cool conditions to reduce the effects of rancidity. It is mainly found in dark bottles

Why is Rose hip Oil so effective?

Chemically, Rose hip Oil derives its cosmetic boosting properties from the rich quantities of nutrients that are present. It has rich quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, B-carotene (a form of vitamin A) The Vitamin A molecules get deeper into the dermis and work in a relative fast pace. Rose hip also has large quantities of essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 as well lycopene.
These elements combine well to provide healing to the skin, nails and hair. However, the greatest benefits of Rose hip oil are on the skin. Here are some of the benefits of Rose hip oil:

Healthy Skin

Rose hip Oil has promotes has great skin care properties. Vitamin A present in the oil helps to maintain the glow, spark and moisture of skin. The Rosehip oil has a uniquely to be absorbed by the body for a mess-free finish. For health skin it is important to incorporate water in your diet addition to rosehip. The combination of the two helps to make the skin looking young, soft and supple. Rosehip oil also helps to lock in moisture to reduce the harmful effects of the sun. For people with oily skin, Rose hip oil provides a light, penetrative agent which removes excess oil form the skin.

Scar treatment

In the course of our life time we come across a few bumps and scratches that eventually heal but leave stark reminders through scars. Surgical procedures and operations also leave marks and scars which are not widely considered attractive to the eye. Rosehip helps the skin regeneration process through the essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). These fatty acids improve the skins flexibility and permeability.
The use of rosehip oil is also helpful other skin defects, deformities and disorders. It is helpful in getting rid of those unwanted body stretch marks. It provides a helpful cover for those people with age spots. The essential fatty acids also play a role in reducing hyper-pigmentation. In case of healing burns, the application of Rose hip oil is fast and mordant and skin nourishing properties. Continuous application of Rose hip oil on the skin will help to speed up the healing process. Rose hip oil is provides acne and eczema patients with treatment it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent soothing the skin.

Sunlight Protection

In essence it is the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. The continuous harmful exposure to sunlight damages skin and causes phenomena known as photo aging. Photo aging, as the name suggests has harmful effects on the skin. It causes wrinkles to appear on the face, spots and discolorations. Rose Hip oil is quite effective at reserving the effects of photo aging. It works to rejuvenate the damaged skin through essential fatty acids.
The vitamin A also works to work hand in hand with antioxidants to fight free radicals; which are pretty much responsible for wrinkling on the face. Collagen is reduced significantly by the sun’s rays. Rose Hip oil is rich in vitamin C which offsets the harmful effects of collagen reduction. It also aids in reduction of redness as well as skin irritation. The essential fatty acids make Rose hip oil an alternative treatment for facial rosacea.
Rose hip oil helps to maintain skin tone, texture and pigmentation. Next time at the beach you can easily substitute your cosmetic sun screens for some rosehip oil.

Hair Benefits

Having the occasional bad day can be excused but having dull, dry, unhealthy hair should be an unacceptable thing. Well, not with Rose hip oil and all its awesome hair treatment and care powers. Moisturing everyday with Rose hip oil will get rid of dry hair. Just add some of the oil in hot water and thoroughly massage it into your hair and scalp. Make sure for at least 30 minutes to let in sink in.

The same routine (of application of Rose oil) is essential in getting rid of dandruff. It helps protect your hair making it dandruff free. Rose oil revitalizes scalp while strengthening dread locks. It also acts as a remedy for breaking hair. The fatty oils bring back the shine on dry hair. They provide the much needed moisture, enhancing the silkiness of hair. The essential fatty acids reduce itchiness and inflammation from negative shampoo\soap reaction. Rosehip oil is great for treatment and mitigation of dry scalp.

Rose hip and nails

Caring for your nails is essential in maintaining good personal hygiene. Dirty fingernails are an eyesore, and great breeding areas for germs and bacteria. Application of Rose hip will help strengthen brittle nails, making them stronger and healthier.

Nail breakage is greatly reduced

  • Best Use of Rosehip oil
  • Always wash your skin and keep it clean.
  • For maximum penetration, exfoliate your skin using against such as baking soda.
  • Squeeze some small amount of oil in your hands and gently rub the oil on your skin.
  • Reinforce the oil by pressing your skin with your fingertips to ensure it penetrates deep.
  • Leave it to sink for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply twice a day
  • To reduce acne scars do not apply on the fresh acne.